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Nov 23rd '12

I'm switching my son to CDs and he already has a rash on his hiney, are there creams/lotions I shouldn't use with cloth??

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Nov 23rd '12

Have you switched him yet?
If not you may notice it goes when switching to cloth.

You're not really supposed to use cream as it get's onto the nappy (diaper) and causes a waterproof barrier that stops them absorbing as well and is hard to wash off. If you do use a nappy cream get some liners to try and stop it going onto the nappy.

You could use a natural remedy for washing their bum which should help. I use a little concoction which you just use common sense when measuring the ingredients:

- Cooking grade olive oil which is natural barrier and locks moisture in,
- A few lavender and tea tree oil drops for their calming and natural anti-bac qualities,
- Apple cider vinegar which acts as a natural anti-fungal and helps prevent thrush.

You can use coconut oil instead of olive oil as it smells lush but you would have to warm it up first as it kinda sets at room temperature.

I would advise getting washable wipes! I have some that are just fleece cut up into rectangles, you can use old flannels, towels, blankets etc. With the little concoction you can either put it into a spray bottle and spray when needed, or soak however many wipes you need and put them in a wash bag for whenever you need them!

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Nov 23rd '12

No rash creams on cloth. Use powder or coconut oil. Although I'm sure they make creams specifically for cloth.

and then there was 4.. Due March 12; 1 child; Ireland 103 posts
Nov 23rd '12