Hopefully... r a b b i t ™ Bandle City, US, United States 27561 posts
Nov 22nd '12

Tomorrow DH and I will be moving out of this hole in the wall. Our last attempt to move into an apartment was a bust and we're now scheduled to check out a basement apartment on the edge of town in the morning. It's a long bus trip to the place (like an hour and a half) but it's worth saving $200 a month and having a bigger and nicer place!

I'm so excited, and praying so hard we like it. The guy is willing to pet us move in on Saturday if all goes well tomorrow!

NatashaHarper Due February 16 (girl); 1 child; Guildford, United Kingdom 687 posts
Nov 22nd '12

Oooh exciting!
Hope it goes smoothly for you :D