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Nov 21st '12

Please pray, pray, pray for our 25 yr old daughter, A & her unborn baby girl (Baby G) ~ A is in the hospital in L & D for the second time since Sunday. She reached 34 wks today but was hoping to reach 37.3 days on Dec 11~ in time for her scheduled c-sect.

A has been on bed rest @ home since Sunday eve when her BP went too high & we rushed to the hosp. She ended up there again last night ~ Baby G is doing fine, spinning around & kicking in her mama's belly ~ it's A that is struggling with headaches & horrible heartburn (from laying down too much) & fetal monitors being moved & checked for the last 16 hrs!!

*** Thru the intercession of St. Padre Pio & St. Gerard, I implore you, Lord Jesus, for a safe & lengthened pregnancy for A, that she place all her trust in You & rest easy knowing that You hold her in the palm of Your hands. Be with her Lord, as she rests in the hospital enduring discomforts for love of You & for love of her baby. Let these last few weeks of important physical development be for her a time of reflection, personal spiritual growth & a deepened trust in your Divine Mercy. May these holy moments serve as the beginning of a lifelong devotion to You & to your most Holy Mother Mary in the birthing & raising of this most anticipated child of God!
Amen ***

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Nov 21st '12


Raj J Due January 1 (girl); Texas 73 posts
Nov 21st '12

Thanks so much for all the prayers ~ things are calming down for her & Baby G ~ prayers work miracles, don't they??! :) Hopefully they are home in time for some turkey & a good long nap with Nana & Papa