At what age... SherryandMatt Due February 15 (boy); 2 kids; 6 angel babies; Arizona 4326 posts
Nov 21st '12

At what age did you put your child in a "toddler bed"? DD is 15 months and has figured out how to climb out of her crib and fall:( So yesterday we converted to toddler bed and so far she's done great, I'm just skeptical of how long this will last..... Thought I'd ask here if you had success that early:)

Kady Due December 28; 5 kids; 1 angel baby; A, TX, United States 3525 posts
Nov 21st '12

My kids were about 18 months I think. Lol it's been so long, I'm really not sure. But we had few problems. They just had to learn that when I said stay in bed, I meant it.

-GoldenGirls 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Lebanon, Mo, United States 1729 posts
Nov 21st '12

We converted her crib to a toddler bed at 10 months. My sister gave us a thing that goes on the side so she doesn't roll out. She was so tall that we had to lower her bed to the lowest setting. I am short, so putting her in the crib at the lowest setting would have resulted in her being dropped and waking. She loves it this way, and the area that is open between the barrier and her bed frame is too small to crawl through. She is a year now, and climbing on and off everything.

Just Niki 19 kids; Oregon 1456 posts
Nov 21st '12

My first slept in his until he was 2 and the second slept in his until 1. With both it was when they learned how to climb out.

Y+I=KENDRA Due July 23; TTC since Jul 2012; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Salem, Oregon 2819 posts
Nov 21st '12

I never bought a crib for my DD she was in bed with is mostly because of space issues u till we moved to a 2 bedroom apartment we got her her bedroom set so she was about a year old but she didn't use it till around 2 years.
She did great at first she would wake up crying in the middle of the night but that eventually stopped and then she would sleep through the night but then now she's back to our bed because her room is being occupied by my dad so it's a pain to sleep in a queen bed with a 4 year old :/

Lacie Heethuis-Roy Due November 23 (girl); Caledonia, Michigan 441 posts
Nov 21st '12

i think once they start trying to climb out its time cause its to dangerous not to switch my niece hasnt figured it out yet she will be 2 jan 1st but my sil is getting her a toddler bed her crib dont convert to a toddler bed plus shes borrowing it and her friend has a baby on the way and will need it back in 5 months or so

Liam&Xander's Mama Due February 28; 1 child; Ohio 1062 posts
Nov 22nd '12

my son is 23 months and has been in a toddler bed since he was around 14 months. we've had no problems, just put up a gate in his doorway so he can't get out and wander around the house in the middle of night IF he wakes up.

Noras mommy Due November 2; 1 child; No, NJ, United States 1674 posts
Nov 22nd '12

DD hasnt tried to climb out yet -knocks on wood- so she's still happy in her crib. she loves it, too. shes safe and knows she can throw herself around and fall and not get hurt.
good luck i hope she lasts!