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Nov 21st '12
Quoting John Mayer.:" My kids go to bed at 7:30, so I'm going to line up for Black Friday at 8. :D Love Black Friday, though I haven't been in years!"

Everything that I want at walmart starts at 8pm tomorrow, so I'm going up there around 6. :D

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Nov 21st '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting John Mayer.:</b>" We have a big house and offered to do it at our house this year. But since we're the black sheep and ... [snip!] ... their tiny places. :cry: Wish my family did shit, they cook really well lol. Wish we were closer, yet again. I'd hook you up!"</blockquote>

That's shitty... I wish they weren't such jerks. Austin wants to do it at our place next year, but I won't want half of my family around... they're so negative ugh. I wish I were closer too