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should i go to the hospital? Hannah Dilks Due June 23; 1 child; 1 angel baby; New Jersey 207 posts
Nov 21st '12

i am 39w today with my first baby and i'm not sure if i should go to the hospital. so here is what i'm feeling;
when i lay down, i have relentless period-like cramping. but it goes away once i get up. i also get some occational cramping at the top of my belly .
(little backround info that i'm not sure matters) i go to the hospital once a week for a NST and AFI. i went just today and i was contracting regularly, like the other times before. (not painful). also, when i thought i was leaking fluid a little less than a week ago, they checked me at the hospital. i was 2-3cm dilated, 50% effaced and -1 stationed.

Mystique Lee Due March 23 (girl); Albuquerque, New Mexico 630 posts
Nov 21st '12

It doesn't hurt to go in..better to be safe. I felt really no pain till I was at 9cm then the pain hit me bad.. go in there r two things they could say everything is fine n go home.or ur in labor.