Annoyed. Vent. RachelRay 2 kids; Florida 587 posts
Nov 21st '12

So I'm at home with the kids, getting stuff ready for tmmw. We were all recently just sick so the house was a complete and total mess. I have sooooo much to do and my SO is building shelves with his friend, basically just to hang out when he was just with him yesterday for like 7 hours!!! I ask him when he's coming home to help me, and he says when his friend is ready? Oooooohhh that makes me so mad. Especially when our daughters fussy and teething and I'm trying to soothe her and get all this crap done. And, he's supposed to take me to rib city for dinner tonight. Considering telling him no bc I'm so fn annoyed by him right now. I just love doing all this shit by myself. Men are so f**king stupid sometimes. End vent, sorry girls. Had to vent to someone.

SailorJerry 3 kids; California 18522 posts
Nov 21st '12

We get into arguments about that sort of thing too, it's pretty typical. I do most of the cleaning since I'm a sahm (been looking for work though) which I don't mind, but I get annoyed when I just finish cleaning something and it gets fucked up again. Or when I ask my dh to do one little thing like bring the laundry down and it takes him an hour because he's watching a movie. I just don't like feeling unappreciated is all. But we've been working on dividing the work load in terms of house work.

RachelRay 2 kids; Florida 587 posts
Nov 21st '12

I recently left my SO, bc I caught him asking girls to come f**k him at work. He said it was only to see if they would reply yes bc he felt insecure (I guess is what you would call it) about himself since we settled down and had a baby. He was a complete ass before and wouldn't even get out of bed in the mornings with us, and I mean NEVER helped around the house. He'd open something and lay the wrapper on the counter, 2 feet from the trash can!. He works 3 days, on the weekend and Monday. So he has all week with us and never spent any time with us. So when I left I blew up and just told him everything he did that I couldn't take anymore. So far he's been good with keeping his word. But today I just got so damn annoyed that I was doing all this shit and taking care of the kids at the same time while he was basically playing, I think he got the hint, bc when he came home he suggested i take some time for myself and go to the tanning bed lol