I shouldn't be depressed around the Holidays. ♥Mommyoftwo♥ 18 kids; Hull, Georgia 2237 posts
Nov 21st '12

But I can't help to feel that way. I just want to be locked away in a room and cry in the dark. This is my second Thanksgiving away from my family (They are in WA) And I'm in GA (again) With SO, the kids, and MIL.
I miss my family deeply around the Holiday's, I just didn't think or know I'd be this depressed.

Wife and Mommy of 4 4 kids; California 804 posts
Nov 21st '12

I'm sorry you feel that way, hopefully you will get to feeling better soon!!!

Lotusmama Due March 31; British Columbia 1672 posts
Nov 21st '12

This is the season when people are the most depressed!
Do you use skype or MSN video chat? It is a great way to stay in touch with family who are away. :)
Maybe ask DH for a ticket to go see them for your Christmas present :)