mmm mmm puke runningmom_rn 2 kids; Ontario 248 posts
Nov 21st '12

My DD is just over 2.5 and for the first time in her little life she is puking, been up for 4 hours just puking up bile and phlegm as she hasn't had anything in her tummy since last night, this is no fun for mommy as I HATE puke, I'm 35 weeks pregnant and puke 24/7 but someone else's puke just makes me even more nauseous :) ... I'm good with blood and guts but puke UGH!!!

Not to mention I am completely exhausted from hardly sleeping myself then being woken up at 430 to a sick little monster on top of all my puking and my head cold... I guess it is a good thing it is all happening now and not closer to my due date, get all the sickness out of the way. And thank goodness for my awesome Mom who is on her way over to take care of both her babies :) She's even going to the pharmacy to bring DD gravol suppositories that me being the terrible mother who is also a nurse does not have in my house... UGH...

just venting :) thanks for listening!