Leaving everything you've ever known? Angela & Austin's Mama :) 2 kids; Wyoming 4998 posts
Nov 20th '12

Has anyone ever left your home town where you lived your whole life? I'm 24 and have never lived anywhere but here. Tiny town in the middle of nowhere Wyoming. Don't know anything but this. Closest I've coming is living in a town about 3 times bigger for a month while my son was in the NICU but I was alone a large portion of it and obviously had something to do (taking care of him) Plus I got to live at the hospital for part of it.
Anyway, there's a lot of lay offs coming up at the Coal Mine where my dad works and DH works at a neighboring Mine. Well, DH informed me tonight that there's rumors that there will be layoffs where he works too...
I have been thinking a lot about what if it was his work that was doing lay offs and what would happen if he lost his job and so on but didn't think it would actually happen.
We just had a huge blow up fight the other night because I've been miserable, on edge of depression and I just lost it and let everything go. Didn't solve a ton but made me feel better to get it out there. I told him I've been ready more than once to pack up and move if for no other reason than to get away form his mother who I cannot stand at all.
His dad and step mom and a bunch of other family live in MI and have been trying to get us to move there since we got married and visited over 5 years ago. We went on a trip there this summer and I cried when we had to come home. I miss it like crazy but I know living there won't be the same as a vacation.
I want to just sell everything, the house, the furniture we don't need. Tons of stuff and move. Try it for 6 months or so and see what we think. Doesn't have to be as far as MI but I htink it would be good for us.
Then my sentimental side kicks in. I have never left here. My mom and dad live just a few minutes away. My brother just moved back from SD with his girlfriend. Both sets of grandparents live here. All my close family. I have tons of family in IL and MO and DH has most of his in MI but I just don't know how I would do being away from my mom.
I'm a total mommy's girl. I don't go a day without texting, calling or seeing her. Which is why I think maybe we could move a couple hours away instead of a couple days.
I don't totally know what I'm looking for by posting this. I guess advice from people who have left everything....DH is going back to school through the Guard to get his criminal justice degree so he can become a cop wherever we end up but it scares me to think of him doing that. (more than him being in a war zone on his deployment)

castaway 2 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 20306 posts
Nov 20th '12

I left everything familiar at home when I moved from PA to AZ when I got married, but I have a transient personality. I liked the adventure.

I then left everything I knew when I left my cheating husband, and started over after being a sahm, and THAT was scary, but totally worth it. I love my life now.

I feel like life is far too short to be afraid. I am a doer. Being fearful gets ya no where. (As long as it isn't warranted for safety or wellbeing).

[♥]Mrs. Taylor 18 kids; Texas 12250 posts
Nov 20th '12

I was born and raised in my hometown, and Dh decided to move us 2 hours away to a place where I had no friends or family. He had his aunt and uncle and cousins there but I had nobody.

I was miserable. We had more problems there than I ever thought our marriage would have. I considered divorcing him etc. 2 years later we finally moved back "home" and things are better than ever.

For some people moving away is a great thing. For us, not so much.

March 2013 Due November 3; 3 kids; Illinois 990 posts
Nov 20th '12

I moved when I was 19 to be with my fiancee.. I went from a small town to Kansas City. I was so scared but I wanted to be with my fiancee. We did fine for awhile and now we are married, but we came back to the small town when my grandfather got sick with cancer. I love my family that is here, but I liked Kansas City sometimes I miss it. If your willing to go. yes there will be a lot of differences and some you might not like (suspended bridges..that move..Ugh I hated that.) but a lot of things you will like. I guess what Im saying is keep an open mind, don't look back till a few months later, because if you look back every second you will think what if.

Angela & Austin's Mama :) 2 kids; Wyoming 4998 posts
Nov 20th '12

I would have moved in a heartbeat I think when we first got married but now we have 2 kids and all our friends and everything. I know I would meet new people but it's hard for me. I'm way more outgoing than I used to be but nowhere near as much as DH.
It's so much harder with kids!