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Nov 20th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Fat-and-Happy:</b>" I totally am!"</blockquote>


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Nov 20th '12

I am a big candied sweet potato fan - but I dont use marshmallows - but you can I suppose -

I use 3 large sweet potatoes -peel - cut up (a task all on its own)

add to a deep fry pan with about an inch or so of water half stick of butter

add about 1 cup of brown sugar (more or less - its to taste really)

cinnamon and nutmeg to taste - I start off with just about 1 tsp of the cin and half tsp of the nut -

and let it all simmer together covered up - then when the sweet potatoes are just about soft enough I uncover and let it cook a little longer -
really a tasty dish!

Nope. Beverly Hills, CA, United States 16241 posts
Nov 20th '12

I don't even know, but I think it's ridiculous that you HAVE to bring the marshmallow ones, who's to say they wouldn't completely love the ones you'd like to make anyhow? Since we're so far from family and Sean works Thanksgiving night, we'll just be eating acorn squash stuffed with turkey sausage, apples, and stuffing. It seemed pretty all-in-one for most of the Thanksgiving flavors, but without having to actually cook all those things.

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Nov 21st '12

I would make them the way you have been doing.

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Nov 21st '12

This is how my turkey turned out


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Nov 21st '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Fat-and-Happy:</b>" This is how my turkey turned out "</blockquote>