*BREE* Due January 18 (boy); 1 child; Maryland 4852 posts
Nov 21st '12

I'm 31 weeks, 4 days and I'm 4 lbs below my Pre pregnancy weight.

Michayla08 18 kids; California 989 posts
Nov 21st '12

I'm 5'5" first pregnancy with my daughter I started at 120 and delivered at 162. So 42 pounds. I gained it so fast and rapidly in the beginning I got horrible stretch marks. Now I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and I started at 113 pounds and now I'm 137... so 24 pounds so far. I gained much slower so I have no new stretch marks plus ur skin is probably much more flexible after having one pregnancy. I'm carrying my weight differently this time though and having a boy. My b**bs have gotten huge already!!