Real life experiences with bipolar disorder TrollMama Due December 19; Beaumont, Texas 352 posts
Nov 20th '12

I think S/O miiiight have a problem. He'll go through periods where he doesn't get out of bed -- I don't view this as can't, he's not a crier, he doesn't seem to be in pain -- but there is simply nothing out in the world for him at all. He stays in bed on his laptop all day until he goes to work for about 4-5 hours, and returns home. To go to bed and play on his laptop. This has been going on for years and it's caused him to fail school even while he's teaching his peers (that's also what he does for work, he's an after-school teacher for kids who struggle to learn their material), IE he's so intelligent but when you can't GET TO CLASS to do the work, you are not going to pass! I just thought he was being lazy.

Oh, and the bath tub. The bath tub is my nemesis. I may wake up and want breakfast or have errands to run and I have to go by myself, even when we discussed it the day before, or wait for up to three hours. He gets in there and lays in it for an hour or two or three, whatever he can get away with, often to the detriment of things he needs to accomplis. He MUST do it in the morning, it can't wait, this is like his Folger's Coffee or something.

But then on other days, he's more social than me (which isn't hard, I'm just saying he doesn't seem to have that "you used to like this stuff, why don't you now?" part.) But from what I see of him, there's little to no mania or I just percieve it as being normal. Like yesterday. He willingly got out of bed to clean the entire house with me. I didn't nag, I didn't ask, he just did it. I nearly shit myself.

And he has bad episodes of irritability. Like going off on me for something as simple as reading a magazine beginning in the middle, as opposed to starting at the beginning and proceeding to the end. Going apeshit in public enough to make me turn on the waterworks and I'm not a crier either.

Anyway I went to a counselor and she said it seemed very likely that something chemical was going on and I'm trying to condition him to maybe go in and talk to her because we're about to have a kid and I am really nervous about how this is going to affect his parenting. I just wanted to know other people's actual experience with their own or their S/O's (or even a parent I guess) experience with Bipolar Disorder (I or II, cyclothymia or anything related). I am afraid to encourage medication because I know it's a process and it may make him way worse first ):

OmegaDucks! Japan 615 posts
Nov 20th '12

I have a family member with bipolar disorder and she does have episodes where she won't leave her room for days and barely eats. But she also gets hyperactive at times and irritable when she doesn't have anything to do.

wombie 4 kids; Zimbabwe 73281 posts
Nov 20th '12

it definitely sounds like something is going on and bipolar is a possibility. There are different types of bipolar. Some people display little to no mania and are more frequently depressed.

Encourage him to seek out some professional help. I'm sure he's not happy staying in bed all the time like that. I hope he will talk to his doctor about this.

ETA: My MIL is bipolar and she rarely leaves her house. On bad days, she won't leave her bed and she'll sleep like 20 hours per day. When she is manic, she shops excessively and has been promiscuous