BekaMommyofTwoBoys 2 kids; Tulsa, Oklahoma 499 posts
Nov 20th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Andrea0510:</b>" I think anyone who gets something like that thrown at them especially about their child is going to be ... [snip!] ... when it's a family member. i walked away and didn't say anything more but i would feel shitty if i didn't stand up for myself."</blockquote>

I agree there comes a point when u have to say enough is enough. It doesnt make u less for having stood up for u n ur child. Good luck at thanksgiving and dont let her ruin it.

Holly LeClair Due February 17 (boy); 49 kids; Castalian Springs, Tennessee 71 posts
Nov 23rd '12

My uncle did the same to me after I had my son. He was in NICU for almost a month and about a week after he was born I was at home trying to figure out how the cable remote worked with our new TV, and I posted on Facebook asking if anyone knew anything about our cable provider, and he commented on my status saying that He didn't know anything about our provider, but he knew more about being a father than I'd ever know, and that I should be at the hospital with my son taking care of him! And he went on to say I didn't deserve my son and that if he were me he would have put Adam up for adoption. :( It really hurt because he's the funniest one in the family and is usually so upbeat about everything. I cried and cried after reading that. I told him I had gone home to eat lunch, and decided to cook my husband dinner while I was home so he would have something to eat but he insisted my husband could cook his own damn dinner and that I needed to get off my butt and drive the 15 minutes to the hospital and stay there. I was so upset and mad I almost smashed my computer. I was ticked! I called my great aunt at 4:30 AM just to vent to her about it. It was so wrong. :/ But people are like that, unfortunately.