Morning Sickness Cai[amw] Due July 25 (boy); 2 kids; Granite Bay, California 213 posts
Nov 19th '12

I am now nearing the 5th week mark of my second pregnancy, I am trying hard to remember the morning sickness I had with my daughter but all i can recall is light nausea in the morning (If i was awake) and nausea at night that lasted for about 3 weeks... Now i just want to know how bad it really gets because I work from the wee hours in the morning to the later afternoon everyday. I know every pregnancy is different. But is it by chance that if I watch what and how much of what i eat, drink alot of water etc.. that I can surpass the horrific stories of morning sickness?

HopingforaMiracle 1 child; USA 23103 posts
Nov 19th '12

Sure it's possible. I watched what I ate and drank a ton of water and still got HG

Hannah. 34 kids; Spokane, WA, United States 63782 posts
Nov 19th '12

I don't know, like you said every pregnancy is different.

So far mine is similar though, with my son I had morning sickness 6 weeks-14 weeks. This pregnancy I've had it since 6 weeks, and will be 13 weeks on Thursday. I watch what I eat, and it still sucks! Hoping it will end soon.

*Stella's Mommy.* Due July 9 (boy); 1 child; Apple Valley, California 79 posts
Nov 19th '12

I am 4 weeks pregnant and I have crazy morning sickness pretty much ALL day! I didn't have any morning sickness with my daughter! I also have a super sensitive nose this time around too! It feels completely different and it's only a few weeks in.

Cai[amw] Due July 25 (boy); 2 kids; Granite Bay, California 213 posts
Nov 19th '12

Hmm, Well I hope its not worse then the last time but I guess I will let you all know. lol.

Thanks. :]

mom2princesses 3 kids; NY, NY, United States 1884 posts
Nov 19th '12

No vomiting wth my babygirl and don't seem to be getting this time either. I get a bit nauseaous but that is it and it freaks m out :( like with my dd I always thought it wasn't normal not to have morning sickness, but we are all different and so is every pregnancy.