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Nov 19th '12


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Nov 19th '12

I think that's normal hun, I've had a really good pregnancy this time around, and I STILL worry that my baby wont be healthy, I sometimes think the U/S lies etc.

All the best!

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Nov 19th '12

Extra blood work will tell them how to help you and your baby. Better to wait and see. I know its hard not to worry. I have spina bifida first degree. So its not bad, but it increases the risk of the baby having it by alot. Plus I'm GD and that in itself can cause a lot of problems. All I can say is I trust the people I chose for my OB group and I'm careful about my carb intake. They tell me some women don't call in with blood sugars or don't watch what they are eating. To me it doesn't make since I want what is best for my baby.

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Nov 19th '12

my doctor said redoing bloodwork is normal in the beginning. Once when they confirm you pregnancy an then again a week or so later to make sure levels are rising.