glowinthedark 2 kids; Norway 29301 posts
Nov 19th '12
Quoting j0des(+2):" I wanted to drive myself but my water broke at my doctors office and they made me take an ambulance ugh! ... [snip!] ... start having unbearable contractions until an hour later. I was pissed, my sons carseat was in our car in the parkinglot.."

They wanted me to take an ambulance and I said no freaking way.

lisha+2 Due July 31; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Oklahoma 6036 posts
Nov 19th '12

I drove my self to my doc appt that morning "I wasin denial about being in labor" turns out I was 7cm dilated hahaha wouldn't suggest doing that you don't want to risk it if you have no way of getting there call 911