*Deleted* x0lacex Due August 19; Tampa, FL, United States 293 posts
Nov 18th '12


E.P. Mom Due March 14; 1 child; Texas 2668 posts
Nov 18th '12

If it is i feel bad for my baby! I do it all the time : )

J+D=4 4 kids; Beverly Hills, California 14687 posts
Nov 18th '12

just stay in a well ventilated room or go outside

Cakes. 1 child; Michigan 2837 posts
Nov 18th '12

Haha, no it's not. Paint away :)

Cristal Adams Due May 21 (boy); 1 child; Greensburg, Indiana 49 posts
Nov 18th '12

i dont think it is i paint my neices nails i think if anything is bad its the fumes off of it

Brantley+Savannah 2 kids; Mills River, NC, United States 3119 posts
Nov 18th '12
Quoting LaceFacex:" Is painting your nails dangerous during pregnancy? I know.... stupid for me to even ask"

its fine.