Jo&Ry Due May 11 (girl); 33 kids; Manchester, New Hampshire 1375 posts
Dec 17th '12

May 12th :)

Kerry W. Green Due May 27; 16 kids; Columbia, South Carolina 1 posts
Dec 18th '12

Hi! I'm due May 28! This is our 5th child hoping for a girl. We have three boys, one girl, and one baby angel that was born on May 31 of this year. So we are praying that we get through this pregnancy w/o any problems. I'm also new to the site but so far it seems easy to browse through.

mama's miracle baby Due May 17 (girl); 64 kids; Massachusetts 1 posts
Dec 23rd '12

im also new to this site and looking for freinds that are due around may 18th for that is when im due. im having a hard pregnancy but im taking it with a grain of salt because i have four angel babies and and im just glad this pregnancy is healthy.i have no children but my wife and i are hoping for a large family so our baby girl will be the first of hopefully many! i love her so much already!

Elizabeth& Jeremiahs Mom& 2 kids; Kernersville, North Carolina 538 posts
Dec 27th '12

im due May 24th i find out monday what im having

stephdrever Due May 16 (girl); Edinburgh, United Kingdom 3 posts
Jan 8th '13

Due May 17th with first child. Found out at my first scan last week that it's gonna be a girl :D x