Do you feel like a creeper Just Emily :) 3 kids; Aberdeen, Sd, United States 15277 posts
status Nov 17th '12

When you watch your kid sleep. I love sleeping babies. I could watch them all day but I feel like such a creeper watching someone sleep.

2 Baby Girls Due May 19; 4 kids; Utah 3212 posts
Nov 17th '12

They're babies. I like to kiss their little lips too when they're out!

One_Hott_Momma 2 kids; Michigan 779 posts
Nov 17th '12

Lol, I do it all the time :)

Ruby Runion-Brown Due July 25 (girl); Greenville, South Carolina 1067 posts
Nov 17th '12

i can't help it, she amazes me lol

E'M Shikari Due March 10 (boy); 1 child; 1 angel baby; Preston, United Kingdom 1747 posts
Nov 17th '12

I do it all the time. I can't help but want to kiss her little face. But when I do she twitches like it makes her jump, then I feel cruel :D

Rosalia+Chris=Zane 17 kids; Buffalo, New York 89 posts
Nov 17th '12

Haven't been able to stop staring!

*~Stella's Momma~* 1 child; Missouri 1654 posts
Nov 17th '12

I'm watching mine sleep right now, she looks so peaceful.

I kiss her little hands all the time while she sleeps!