Molar coming through NEED HELP! Mommy of 4 :) 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Edmonton, Alberta 2170 posts
Nov 17th '12

My son is 11 months as of tomorrow and he was up ALL night long. he woke up at 1 and didnt go back to sleep till 5 then woke up two times more. We noticed his molar was coming through so we think thats the cause of his screaming and pain last night. what can i use to help him with it? I cant bare to see my child in pain any longer.

DannyPete&MaggieKate's Ma 2 kids; Weymouth, Massachusetts 4325 posts
Nov 17th '12

give him some tylenol for the pain. Or try orajel or something. There's not much you can do to rush it along.