Mouth watering 38+3 days Diane Welsh Due November 27; Gateshead, United Kingdom 2 posts
Nov 17th '12

I woke last night with a very watery mouth and feeling sick. Also been getting terrible pains in my stomach. Got up this morning and went to the toilet and it felt like the runs (sorry about that). I have never been like this with my other 2 children so not sure if it is just a bug or what everyone says it is and my body getting ready for me to go in to labour. I had loads of show yesterday and it has started again this morning.Baby is still moving so i know he is ok but not loads like he has been but dont feel him properly till about 10am. Could anyone help me please. Thanks

mamastj 18 kids; Ontario 245 posts
Nov 17th '12

Like you said, your body is preparing for labor. Getting the runs is one of those things....bowels empty themselves to make more room for him to slide through the birth canal. He has probably shifted lower and has even less space to move. Hang in there.