Hernia.. Lovemommylife Due June 2 (girl); 1 child; 3 angel babies; New Mexico 1421 posts
Nov 16th '12

Okay so I only have my phone right now so I'm not able to put up an image but since about thirty weeks I've had a lump under my belly button. It's about three inches long and an inch wide its like a small bulge. It didn't bother me at first but now it hurts when I cough or sneeze there. And I can feel strain on it a lot. It's now white all around the area and almost also looks bruised. I called labor and delivery and they told me its a hernia, if you have had one whats the treatment can it effect the baby and so forth. Thanks ladies

mamastj 18 kids; Ontario 245 posts
Nov 16th '12

I herniated through my csection scar in 2 places when I was pregnant with my LO. If I remember right, it depends on the location. Sadly I don't think anything can be done until after you have your LO. I was on a waiting list to see a surgeon while I was pregnant to see if mine would need repairing while I was opened up for the csection that was already booked. I was actually pretty lucky, they didn't have an opening until the day I was booked in for the section so the Dr. actually came in and opened his office on a day he was normally closed just to see me. My OBGYN was able to repair the hernias himself while closing me up, but umbilical hernias are different. The last few weeks are going to get increasingly uncomfortable with the weight of the baby. They may suggest a support belt or belly bra I think I've heard it called before. The surgery involves opening you up and a piece of mesh is inserted to keep everything in it's place. Where the hernia is and if there is any strangulation (insides getting stuck in the rupture, can't be pushed back in) changes the importance of having it repaired. Good luck!