Thankgiving woes Randi Armijo Due January 1 (girl); Aurora, Colorado 17 posts
Nov 16th '12

Hi, I am 33 weeks pregnant been with the father for three years now and have not yet spent one Thanksgiving together. You see his mom is a little hard to deal with. She lives by herself and is dependent on on my BF. You see for the past three years anything big thats happened to me she has had to "one up" me so BF doesn't give his full attention to me. For example, last year I had to have hip surgery, well the night before she HAD to plan out her funeral, mind you she is a lady in her 60's who is perfectly healthy. The next day she put HIS dog down because she was sick. At his and I baby shower I didn't spend one minute with him because she was too busy running him around. Then my theme was pink, because we are having a girl well she gets a purple cakes with writing on it that was not what I told her to get, its like she does this stuff on purpose. Anyway, I talk to him about it, he said he understood, all I need are boundaries. I Just feel he puts his mom before me, I understand the bond between a mother and Child is strong because my mom is my best friend but my mom doesn't have me jumping through hoops to meet dogs or convincing me she is dying because I cant dying.

Randi Armijo Due January 1 (girl); Aurora, Colorado 17 posts
Nov 16th '12

Let me finish, long story short, both family dinners are at the same time, and now once again Im stuck not having dinner with him. My family invited her for Thanksgiving since we have a big family but its her tradition for the last year to cook for My BF and his friends, I offered being an hour late to my parents but he said no because itll make mommy mad. Anyway I need advice. Please. Should I leave so him and mommy can have a life together or stay and be pushed to the way side ALL the time?

MysticWitchKat 2052 posts
Nov 16th '12

The advice you need is to tell your husband to grow a set of balls and tell his mother what's going to be. Tell him the holidays are for YOU and HIM and the KIDS first. And if he doesn't change his priorities then you will have to rethink things with him.