ugh this is starting to get old.. LIVE.OUT.LOUD Due July 11 (boy); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Lawrenceville, Georgia 1624 posts
Nov 16th '12

My fiance works from 2pm -9:30pm Sunday -Thursday. When he comes home he eats what I made for dinner then goes to bed. I wake up with our youngest during the night who is up for the day around 5am. He sleep until 11am and eats what I made fore breakfast. He then sits on his ass playing games on his phone until the kids take a nap around 12:30. He also takes a nap. He gets up at 1 and gets ready for work then leaves for work. The next day is the same. It pisses me off because I dont get much sleep. I dont go to bed till around 11pm or midnight because im doing dishes and laundry and cleaning up the house. Then he doesnt even help with the kids. Its starting to get old. I feel like he doeant appreciate all that I do and thinks my job (being a sahm) is super easy. Like I dont really do anything. He sets his alarm for 8am so he will get up but he just turns it off. I go in there to wake him up and he gets pissed... Ugh.. We are going to have a serious talk when he gets up..

MonkeyMel 1 child; Moore, Oklahoma 26779 posts
Nov 16th '12

So, if he gets off work at 9:30 then eats and goes to bed, I'm assuming he's in bed about 11 pm? And he doesn't wake up till 11 am? That shit would not fly with me!

Akeema 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Kissimmee, FL, United States 6824 posts
Nov 16th '12

I so know how you feel and when you ask them to help with the kids it oss as if it is the hardest things that you could ever do. I get he works alot it is not like you exspect him to take over half the work but a break every now and then would be nice.

That Girl. 2 kids; Florida 4109 posts
Nov 16th '12

I can relate. Except me and dh both work, he works 4 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. gets off and naps then lays on his ass until he goes back to sleep.

I work 8 a.m.- 4:30 get off go get ds, prepare dinner, feed ds then the dog. He does most of the time put ds to bed, but ds wakes up every night. I get up with him ALONE everynight. Then have to wake dh up for work only to be up several hours later to get me and ds ready and drop him off then off to work for 8 hours.

DifferentDay Due June 2; 34 kids; Tennessee 3473 posts
Nov 16th '12

Same w my friends hubby. She finally stopped making his meals, doing his laundry, etc. he comes home at 2pm plays vid games til 3am n ignores the kids while they're clawing at his legs. He wouldn't even watch them while she took a quick shower. He goes to work at 5am. took him a bit but he realized she was seriously fed up n now helps out round the house n w the kids. He still plays vids more than I care for but she's the same way so w.e. I'm a lot stricter in that area plus the guy has to want to help I think. Sorry mama def sounds like ur being taken for granted. I'd stop catering to him n see if he catches on n maybe he'll appreciate u n the things u do