yeast infection? * TMI, it's gross, but I need advice, don't Ezekiel's ♥ Mama 1 child; California 116 posts
Nov 16th '12

So I really don't want to post here... but it's not like i'm gonna go to facebook to ask for opinions on this, lol.

I think I have a yeast infection? I've had it a few times before but i'm not sure this time.. It started a few days ago when I had midly painful sex with my boyfriend.. not sure why it was painful. The next day I was super sore and then it started to be itchy. I assumed it was a yeast infection, so I got Monistat 1 day. It seemed to help a bit for a day, but then the itchiness and discomfort came back. It's not itchy all day.. it seems to be worse at night time. Also, I have a red light blood-like discharge, I just had my period last week. I'm going to planned parenthood tomorrow to be examined and treated, but some advice and comments would ease my mind for the night. Any home remedies? Sorry, I'm not one to post about nasty stuff, but I figure hey , we're all girls and this naturally happens. thanks :?

user banned Des Moines, Iowa 1848 posts
Nov 16th '12

I haven't had a yeast infection since I was pregnant with my first child, but the discharge you are speaking of (unless menstrual associated) is not normal. I would suggest having some cultures taken and having a few other tests run as well.

Good luck!

mommytomel(: 1 child; California 1274 posts
Nov 16th '12

ive had a yeast infection this whole freaking pregnancy it gets better an worse , all i ever use is monistat ...if the 1 day didnt help maybe you should try 7 day treatment