Maegan(FAKER)'s 2 kids; Tucson, Arizona 5332 posts
Nov 14th '12
Quoting scgALusc:" I believe the once a cheater always, but I've personally never been proven otherwise. However, I agree ... [snip!] ... upfront is a great step in the right move and I am a benefit of the doubt kinda person.. people CAN change and get serious."

Not always lol

Mummy :) 1 child; 1 angel baby; United Kingdom 1085 posts
Nov 14th '12

Thank you ladies for the advice.

Im going to keep my wits about me but give him the benefit of the doubt. I honestly think he is ready to settle down and have a meaningful relationship but of course i will keep an eye out for things with out being a creepy stalker about it lol.

scgALusc 3 kids; South Carolina 1716 posts
Nov 14th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Maegan(FAKER)'s:</b>" Not always lol"</blockquote>

Probably not always.. just personally I've not seen otherwise in my or close friends/family's relationships... BUT I'm a second chance and benefit kinda person.. I think OP should give him a chance..

nothingness Arizona 3578 posts
Nov 14th '12

I would say hope for the best but prepare for the worst. You just never know, my SO cheated on his ex with me so I always wonder in the back of my head but I trust him and will just give him the benefit of the doubt because he treats me so good and is home every free minute so I feel that he won't cheat.

taylorgurl 2 kids; Denver, Colorado 297 posts
Nov 14th '12
Quoting Amberchik78:" The fact that he told you is a big deal, IMO. I dont believe in always a cheater mentality."

Or he tells all the girls this just to get their guard down. I would move on because I doubt he won't cheat.

[ Mallory ] 1 child; Missouri 1997 posts
Nov 14th '12
Quoting taylorgurl:" Or he tells all the girls this just to get their guard down. I would move on because I doubt he won't cheat."

My ex told me the same thing. That he had cheated on every other girl he was with because he didn't care about them, but of course I was different so he wanted to be open and honest with me. Gave me his email and FB passwords and everything. I never asked him to, he gave them up willingly because he had "nothing to hide". A couple months later, I got a bad feeling so I logged onto his FB and found out he had been dating another girl for the past 2 weeks. And this guy was 31 so it didn't have anything to do with him being "immature".