Nina Bryant Due May 16; 18 kids; Lebanon, Kentucky 3 posts
Nov 14th '12
Quoting Naocorn:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Lovely_Lis:</b>" Is it okay to take an extra strength tylenol? ... [snip!] ... experiencing this going into the second trimester?"</blockquote> Yes and yes. But always call and inform your doc."

yes this will appin specially if you dont sleep to well try taking a tylenol pm before bed and it will help ad its perfectly safe for you and baby i didnt know this but my ob told me it would help and it has i havent had one in 2 weeks

Lovely_Lis Due May 14; 1 child; Ontario 11 posts
Nov 14th '12

Thanks to all of you for your help! I still have a throbbing headache.....even after taking the tylenol :( hopefully i will be better tomorrow. if not, ill go c the doctor.