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Nov 14th '12

My nephew is 4 and the only words i can understand from him is "Liam" which means my sons been a git, "no, Yeah" not yes Yeah, "mummy, Daddy, Nanny and gerry" My sister is taking him speach therapy but it was a ong time coming to this, its only since the school has refered her that they have been bothered to do anything about it, she took him when he was 2 and they said "oh its coz his sister speacks for him" They are close in age yet my neice cant really talk properly either, partly my sisters fault as she never sat and repeted things with them just praised them when they said a new word, even if it was said wrong, I use to try and correct her but as my partner said, its pointless if her mum and dad are not bothereing and the fact that after a while she is not gfonna wanna talk to me, good luck and hope you see some results soon enough!