Mrs.Bluitt TTC since Jun 2016; 2 kids; San Jose, California 802 posts
Nov 14th '12

Yeah I was looking for this topic so I can see what moms said but I couldn't find it... So the only way to know was to post it myself. I was definitely scared though, thinking I was the only one since I couldn't find it posted on this site.
Thank you so much for sharing!

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Nov 14th '12

It's totally normal.
Some moms feel the bond right away, and for some it takes time. It can take a while to form a bond with your baby. Don't feel bad. As you get to know her, you will love her more and more and that bond will form.

NewMommyXOXO 1 child; South Carolina 1183 posts
Nov 14th '12

My daughter is 5 weeks and i am feeling the same way. I am going to the dr friday to talk about post pardom depression :(