baby fever Jessa♥ 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Thailand 13586 posts
Nov 13th '12

I have had horrible baby fever for a while now.. DH and I just got back together after a brief separation. He's the only one working. Our children are spawns. I develop HELLP while pregnant, and have been having pains in/around my incision. SO many reasons this is just not really a good thing for us, but I want another baby sooo badly :[ Of course I whined today about how I wish we had money, I had better health etc so we could have another, and of course he out of nowhere says well, we could try if you want.. Ugh really? Your supposed to be the responsible one when I whine about these things! lol not try to tempt me more.

Forever theirs Due July 16; 2 kids; 3 angel babies; San francisco, CA, United States 3269 posts
Nov 13th '12

Lol I wish my husband was that easy to convince. I'm worried after this baby is born he will never let me have another baby again. An I'm so scared that Ill want another baby within two years and he will be like hell fever is the devil. Its one of the worst feelings to want a baby so badly and not be able to have one.

...we have never planned a baby...if we never got pregnant on accident and it was based off of planning we would have zero children.