I've been away for a while Mama Karma [34 weeks] Due August 11 (boy); 34 kids; Florida 610 posts
Nov 13th '12

I had a miscarriage and ever since my body has been so blah. I don't know what's wrong with it. I lost my job. Lost my insurance. Suffering from PTSD and I have 0 sex drive. My husband is getting annoyed with me being so withdrawn.

I don't know what to do...

Christina143 Due December 28 (boy); 3 kids; Fruitland, Idaho 510 posts
Nov 13th '12

Just tell him to be patient... It takes time... Go out on dates and go from there

April Quinn Due December 23; North Carolina 14 posts
Nov 13th '12

I'm so sorry u have to go through this. I miscarried almost a year ago, and it is physically and emotionally devastating. U should consider seeking some help to cope with your loss. My husband also had a hard Time accepting and understanding my grief, but I had to explain that not only was I grieving but my hormones had taken a major blow. U need time to heal, and u need his support. Please don't shut down. Seek some proffesional help, and please don't give up. Give yourself time to feel sad. After we lost our first, we sought counseling and a second opinion. After testing, we were able to pinpoint the issue and start treatment. We are expecting a little girl in just a few weeks, and so far, everything has been going well. So please dont give up hope. All my best to you, sweetie. You're in my prayers.