Completely freaking out :( Belle De Jour Due October 8 (boy); 3 kids; Kentucky 19292 posts
Nov 13th '12

The girls just got home from daycare. I know they didn't sleep well last night but usually they just act tired when they get home. Well that's how Reilly is acting but poor Lila is completely freaking out. :(
I have tried comforting her, singing to her, letting her shake it off, and even holding her in a bear hug because she started screaming and trying to hit me and her sister. :(
Nothing worked until I went and got her special blanket and then put her back in a bear hug. And even now that she is eating she is still shaking some and sniffling :(
I hate when she has freak outs. It makes me feel like a bad mommy because I can't help her calm down. :cry: