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Nov 14th '12
Quoting A mother & wife:" <blockquote><b>Quoting A❤T=P+[It's a Girl:</b>" good one. aside from that fact ... [snip!] ... f**k your stupid. Doesn't change that fact that you need to stay in school. The stupidity in your post amaze me."

oh, the irony is too much.

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Nov 14th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting ★Bαtgirl:</b>" I'm glad you're on track. I'm glad you can afford the luxuries now. We're getting into the same boat. ... [snip!] ... you didn't notice, not once on here have I ever brought looks or weight into a thread. Because THAT is immature and cruel. "</blockquote>

Please point out where I said that you have no idea how hard it is. I did say unless you know. Meaning my personal situation.

Yes daycare is expensive I pay 1,000.00 a month. But in order for my husband and I to have luxury things. We suck it up. We do what we need to do. It's call being a adult and being a parent.

Saying a name is terrible without even knowing a meaning behind it is not just rude its hurtful to others.

No where did I state oh hey only African Americans are ghetto. I said you implied or was a ghetto African American name.
If not was to be a Hispanic name I'd say the same thing.
Just replacing Hispanic for African American.

Also I didn't single you out. I made a statement to everyone.
In a hiring process you go by their education and skills. Not their name. I'm a business owner. I used to hire and fire people.

I was just replying to those who were commenting and Quoting me. It would be totally rude of me not to even notice their presence. Momma taught me better then that.

Now saying some thing about someone's weight when it's true is not cruel.

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Nov 14th '12

It's been nice. But it's time for me to go and enjoy my spa time with coworkers.

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Nov 14th '12
Quoting Marileen Diaz:" Help with Middle Name That'll Go With Jayleeana ??"

That name is awful. No middle name can fix how wrong it is. Try one of these options:

Jay Lena
Jade Lena
Jay Leah

If you like a longer first name. Some starting with J would be Jasmine, Jeanine (nickname Jay), Jaqueline, Janelle, Janet, Jeanette, Jewel, Jillian, Johanna, Jessica, Jennifer, Jocelyn, Josephine.

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Nov 14th '12
Quoting FruityPebbleMama:" someone sounds racist and jellllyyyy"

yeah, not so much. It is really Ghetto. Trust me, I'm not "jelly" I have better taste than that.