How do they look? user banned
Nov 13th '12

Ok so today I was bored, so I made a headband for my own dd, I think its cute, a little bigger then I wanted but oh well. lol

Then I had a head band that I made a little while ago, fit for a nb. So I decided to make a christmas tutu to go with it, but I had no more black crochet headbands left so I used white, is it terrible to pair them together like this? If not how much would you buy it as a set? If not then I will just make a new headband the same, when I get more white in (ran out now) lol

But either way what would you pay for the set?

539878_464615743577433_1817099202_n.jpg579057_464615606910780_839624192_n.jpgThere are two more spots of red on the back. The bow to be worn in front or the back, on the hip dont matter, lol