MunchkinWrangler 4 kids; Rīga, Latvia 47032 posts
Nov 13th '12

get in touch with churches and whatnot to get on a list for toys for tots. Let family take care of the birthday presents. People donate trees, too.

BG Secrets Arizona 4906 posts
Nov 13th '12
Quoting Mrs cree:" Sorry things are so tough for you right now have you thought about trying to work from home or having a home daycare or even baby sitting?"

i've sort of looked into working from home, but idk what to do. I've asked people if they need a babysitter and had them ask people too and no luck

I'm His Amy He's My Rory 2 kids; Caldwell, Idaho 49366 posts
Nov 13th '12

I know it sucks to be tight. My husband was out of work for 2 months, we tried for EVERY help we could and got denied for everything. Including food stamps and cash aid even though we had NO income. But Christmas isn't a necessity. If it's food or Christmas. Screw Christmas. It's just a way for stores to gouge people anyway. My husband grew up VERY poor, like homeless and when they had homes no heat in the winter when it was -20 and he never got presents. He's not upset over it. He's happier that their Christmases were about spending time together than presents. Your kid won't die over no Christmas presents, don't worry :)

BG Secrets Arizona 4906 posts
Nov 13th '12
Quoting mamaluvsher4babies:" Presents do not make good parents. I know that probably doesnt make you feel better. If your trying ... [snip!] ... I have a firen in AZ who has been waiting for over a month also for her appoinmentcard and still hasnt received it. Thats BS."

That is BS, they say if you really need help now tell the receptionist and we will do what we can. A friend in a county over received her FS card in a week.

Mrs.C+4.5 5 kids; 1 angel baby; Duncan, OK, United States 17731 posts
Nov 13th '12

sign him up for toys for tots. They can help get him some presents. I hope things get better for you soon! Dont give up on getting a job you will get something!

BG Secrets Arizona 4906 posts
Nov 13th '12
Quoting NICKEL☮POLIS:" Are there any churches around or programs that help families during Christmas where you live? I know ... [snip!] ... your fault though so don't blame yourself. A LOT of families are in your position right now so you arent alone either. *hugs*"

Im not sure if there are, i'll ask around. I think there might be a toys for tots

BG Secrets Arizona 4906 posts
Nov 13th '12
Quoting Mary.:" If you cant afford food some months, does that mean you are currently at the library on their computer? "

I can pick up wifi from some public thing around where i live, on my laptop. It doesnt always work though

BG Secrets Arizona 4906 posts
Nov 13th '12
Quoting Lizplustwo:" I'm sorry you have family you can do Christmas with? Maybe your or DH's parents? That way you ... [snip!] ... do this year. If you have family, I think there's no shame in asking them for help since you're having a rough time right now."

My family isnt doing the greatest either. I know i don't need expensive stuff, hell i'd go to goodwill or once upon a child if i could. DH said he would talk to his dad. But he has helped us a lot already.

user banned 2 kids; Hamilton, Ontario 19220 posts
Nov 13th '12

I know its hard to see it now, but in a few years when things get better money wise....looking back at pictures of your 'poor' christmas will be all the more heart warming.
And thats what life and Christmas are all about, memories, togetherness. Not how big your tree is or how many presents are under it.
Keep looking for a job. I know its hard. Ive been applying for 8 months, with a diploma and experience and still nothing. It will happen.
Paint a tree on the window, or make one to stick on the wall out of paper. Read books about Christmas, sing songs, and watch movies.
If you look, you will find places to help. Im in Canada so you may have different places, but Salavation army does Christmas baskets with food for dinner a gift voucher for a turkey and presents. Mission Services does similar and then there are churches.
Go to your local welfare office and /or employment agency....they will have all the information for you.
Find local things in you area that do Christmas breakfasts/dinners, library has readings and such. It took me forever to find such places but now I feel like Ive won the jack pot finding places to help.

As far as not taking the sippy or bottle, its time to teach him the cup anyway. My son was the same....two weeks before I returned to work, he took the bottle. They will do it if they have to lol.

PM if you want, I will help look in your area.

Jacob & Caleb's mommy Due November 30 (boy); 2 kids; Wolcott, Connecticut 261 posts
Nov 13th '12

I just saw this post about families in need.

I don't know it works where you live but in CT if your on state insurance or have state assistance they have churchs you can go to that allow you to take one present for each child. Also you can call local charities there are so many families that look to adopt a family for christmas and they buy kids presents.

Tracy B 1 child; Doncaster, United Kingdom 640 posts
Nov 13th '12

How I wished you lived nearby to give you some things, what about charities, second hand shops. I buy a lot for my LO from second hand shops or off ebay.

Please do not think you are a shit mom, you make sure all his daily needs are met that counts a lot more than a few presents. I did not buy my LO anything last christmas as he was 4 months old, for his 1st birthday I still hardly bought him anything, they do not know at this young age.

My LO's favourite toys at the moment is a plastic cup, plate, wooden spoon and a cardboard box. I have also filled up plastic pop bottles with pasta so they make a rattle and he loves them.

Robert's Wife +1 1 child; Mansfield, Ohio 235 posts
Nov 13th '12
Quoting BrittanieY:" Aw, Sweetie. *hugs* The fact that you care about this shows that you are not a shit mom. He will have ... [snip!] ... the things I needed and a little something extra when they could. Make it a big day and he will remember it as a big day. "

Well put.

Jillbill4 2 kids; 584 posts
Nov 13th '12

for his birthday get some stuff from the dollar store to make cupcakes together! and for christmas a few small dollar store things should be good,as long as you spend time together thats what he'll remember,not the hes not even 1 yet, he isn't looking forward to anything so its not like he'll be disappointed.

nutmeg. California 22281 posts
Nov 13th '12

I would contact an organization that arranges for families to "adopt" a family for Christmas and apply to have your son "adopted".

Life is a Highway ♫ 2 kids; Australia 9381 posts
Nov 15th '12

You're not a shit Mum, you care enough to be concerned. How about wrapping a few toys he has now and give to him, that way you can take pictures and get him all excited about it.. Turning 1, he's going to be more interested in the paper anyways :P and if he ever does ask for pictures when he is old (which I doubt he will) you can show him :) Christmas is all about family and he has you both which is more important. Make a whole day of fun thats just for him... play-doh, painting christmas shape cut outs, going to the park, watching a movie, snuggley story times etc.

There is always next year!