Vanessa91 Due January 20 (girl); 1 child; Central Falls, Rhode Island 52 posts
Nov 13th '12
Quoting mamastj:" Rainy day? Toss the ground beef in the fridge, cook it tomorrow! Order in! I can't ever find the energy ... [snip!] ... it's storming cause I love storms. If you're dead set on using that ground beef up, maybe shepherd's pie or spaghetti?"

Lol, good idea but got lazy & tossed it in the fridge yesterday because I wasn't feeling well. I honestly love cooking. Just hard to come up with new ideas of what to make

mamastj 18 kids; Ontario 245 posts
Nov 13th '12

My mom made hamburger gravy (yes it was good!) when we were growing up. Great on Mashed potatoes with veggies.

Sloppy Joes?