mamastj 18 kids; Ontario 245 posts
Nov 15th '12
Quoting Misty Walls:" I think your brother & my SO have the same BM"

LOL, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. My one brother was quite a while ago, was using as an example actually. My oldest niece and nephew from him are much older niece is almost 18 and nephew will be 17. The other brother, who pays for all the extras even though he doesn't have to, when he takes his kids for holidays etc, he even takes his ex's youngest. Up until recently his ex was even treated as one of the family and they haven't been together for 10 years now.

⚓Misty⚓ 4 kids; Keenesburg, Colorado 7276 posts
Nov 15th '12

I was talking about your first brother. SOs ex is money hungry. She would call & say i spent $100 on clothes you need to pay half & refuse to show him a receipt. Or her grandma would call and demand that he pay the drs copay since he didnt pay child support (she wasnt happy when he said he pays 300 a month & to talk to her granddaughter) His ex always left the kids over her grandmas, she only had them on the weekends that SO didnt yet she still wanted all this extra money

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Nov 15th '12

My ex used to try and tell me that I couldnt bring men around my child. And that'd he'd take me to court and take the child away if I did. Well the "men" that I brought around was my "one husband". And he tried to tell me I couldn't move in with him too. Well we went to court and the judge agreed with me. Unless i am causing damage to the child or putting him in harms way then he has no say as to what I do in my personal life. Sooo. that completely backfired on him...