tonsils... anonymom + 1.5 2 kids; West Virginia 10787 posts
Nov 11th '12

LO has had a fever for the past two nights (none tonight, thank goodness). She's been telling me her throat hurts every once in a while and her appetite is good in the AM, and decreases to nil at night. I'm worried she isn't getting enough liquids, either, so tomorrow I'm calling for a sick appt to check for strep.

Okay, so when I was a kid I NEVER went to well visits or anything, just to urgent care when I got really ill. I had to get my tonsils out at 17 and the e/n/t said, "WOW those are some BIG tonsils" when he checked out my throat. Since they've come out, I've had colds and sore throats but never ANYTHING like the intense illnesses I had when I would get strep/tonsil infections when I had my tonsils.

LO is 2. I'm really worried this is going to be similar for her, but my pedi said they will not take her tonsils out until she's 3. It seems like the risk that occurs with general anesthesia decreases AFTER age two, and doesn't change much after that so... what are the chances that if we talk about it again, they'll just do the surgery relatively soon? I don't know if I'm being crazy or not... I just don't want her to be so sick so much :(

Chellie 3 kids; Vegas, Nv, United States 4824 posts
Nov 11th '12

I cant speak for the sickness issue. But they put my son under at 9 months because he was tongue-tied. DH and I didn't want to wait for it to cause speech problems (though we think now it may be why he doesn't say many words at 21 months). Or else they would have waited till 3 and it would be an in office procedure.

He had no complications from being put under though. If there is enough of a concern her tonsils will cause issues (or if you push enough) you can get it done. There are always risks with surgical procedures.