1st birthday! .Sweet Dee. 1 child; New York City, NY, Hong Kong 4492 posts
Nov 11th '12

I just wanted to share some pics of my son's 1st birthday party. I just now got them all on the computer.I just invited all my dads side of the family and SO's very small family. And my nephew and neice. We had it at my grandmothers house and probably had about 25 people. I tried to decorate it monster themed but couldn't find much other than a big balloon. I just set up a small table with cupcakes and DS's smash cake, and hawaiian punch for the kids, other drinks for adults in an ice chest...this was in my grandmas sunroom. On her kitchen table i set out 5 medium domino's pizzas. My grandma has a big yard so the kids played outside while we all mingled and everyone played with DS.
Then he ate his cake, opened presents...he got a LOT of new toys.

i also had him a really cute shirt made from etsy but for some stupid reason i didn't get a good pic of him wearing it :( but you can kind of see it here (and this is my sister in law, i know, she can pass as his mom!)

and this was his big gift from us..

I have no idea what we're going to get him for
Thanks for looking.

(3)Boys&APrincess Due December 12 (girl); 3 kids; New Jersey 11738 posts
Nov 11th '12

Omg he's adorable! And I love the theme.

.Sweet Dee. 1 child; New York City, NY, Hong Kong 4492 posts
Nov 11th '12
Quoting L&J ♥:" Omg he's adorable! And I love the theme."

thank you! i tried. i am so mad at myself for not getting a better pic of his shirt :(
but i will have the actual shirt forever so i guess it's okay :)

Veronica m6 Due February 25 (boy); Fort Richardson, Alaska 1514 posts
Nov 11th '12

awwww. just too cute. My favorite part of first b-days is to watch them rip into a whole cake , for the first and only time lol.

BabyBugJuice! Due January 14; 1 child; Texas 190 posts
Nov 12th '12

That is soo cute! What theme is that?

.Sweet Dee. 1 child; New York City, NY, Hong Kong 4492 posts
Nov 12th '12
Quoting BabyBugJuice!:" That is soo cute! What theme is that?"

i was trying to do a monster theme.
the only decor i could find for that though was the big monster balloon and i made the cupcakes to look like monsters but they definitely weren't perfection, haha.
and then had his cake made by a friend...and she did an awesome job.
oh and his shirt.