It's a..... Rachie.luv♡ 2 kids; El Paso, Texas 14643 posts
Nov 11th '12


oh, and a boy!!!
Owen James, I was not fully believeing it was a boy I was 16 weeks and some odd days yesterday but I'm sure it's a boy.

Serial Mom ✄ Due July 2 (boy); 2 kids; Michigan 2853 posts
Nov 11th '12

Congrats :)
How did your son know which one to take?

That will be fun though. Your son will have a little buddy. It's fun have 2 of the same. I have 2 girls :)

Dana +4 4 kids; Ontario 951 posts
Nov 11th '12

Congrats!! Btw you have the cutest little boy!!

♥ ♥ Due May 13 (boy); 1 child; Florida 23034 posts
Nov 11th '12

Wooooooo! Congrats, again!