family pictures! (overload) -*Ashley*- 4 kids; Missouri 109 posts
Nov 11th '12

So we finally had family pictures taken! As you can tell from the pictures, my kiddos weren't really enjoying it but I think we got a few good ones!
Sorry for the picture overload! :)

1.jpgMy family <3

My step son, Dylan! :)

14.jpgMy 5 year old lil man, Braiden!

(There isn't any pictures of my daughter by herself, because if I put her down she threw a fit!)

3.jpgLandon, gosh I can't believe he's almost two!

Me and my daughter, Natalie!

all of the kids together

5.jpg'all of us

me and my little ones :)

my hubby and his two boys :)

the hubby and i

Mrs.Dani Due July 3; 1 child; 3 angel babies; Oxnard, California 10272 posts
Nov 11th '12

You have a beautiful family, but I hope you didn't pay for those.

-*Ashley*- 4 kids; Missouri 109 posts
Nov 11th '12

yeah, we did. but it was only $20

~*~ Nichole ~*~ 4 kids; Vancouver, Washington 11261 posts
Nov 12th '12

Gorgeous family!

-*Ashley*- 4 kids; Missouri 109 posts
Nov 12th '12
Quoting ~*~ Nichole ~*~:" Gorgeous family!"

Thank you! :)