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♥Sami [better off] Due February 22; 1 child; 1 angel baby; La Vergne, TN, United States 3106 posts
Nov 11th '12

I got in trouble and told to stop screwing around if I made less than an A, whereas my parents practically threw a party if my sister made a C :roll: My daughter isn't in school yet, but when she is I'll hold her and any of her siblings to all the same standards. A's and B's are acceptable and I'll let a C slide ON OCCASION. Anything less and their ass is grass.

*L's Mommie* 17 kids; Abilene, Texas 367 posts
Nov 11th '12

I saw this thread and it's what I need help with now. My step-son is not caring for school, or at home chores. How can I get him to care, and do it. I got his progress report and he is failing to classes. Math & social studies. He is 11& in 6th grade. I have tried everything from sending him to his room, not being able to play games, play outside. That's basically all he is able to do. And taking away his freedom of having fun is not working. He is grounded everyday and nothing. I'm about to break. My dh works everyday and nights, he doesn't handle it. He just says before he goes to work that he needs to listen to me and try harder in school. That's it. :/ suggestions!????