wilde_mommy 4 kids; Columbus, Ohio 3459 posts
Nov 10th '12

At DH's office at work, he has a two way mirror in there so you can see out into the store but nobody could see us :) bathroom at a bar and in a alley walking home from a bar

Robert Downey Jr. Zanzibar, Tanzania 16080 posts
Nov 10th '12

A dressing room in Herbergers where they only have the curtains instead of doors. Lol

NothingToSeeHere. 1 child; Wonderland, US, United States 5717 posts
Nov 10th '12
Quoting abby5:" has anyone tried sex in public what places have u done it"

Yep. On the side of the road on the hood of a car. 8)

NothingToSeeHere. 1 child; Wonderland, US, United States 5717 posts
Nov 10th '12
Quoting *07-01-2013*:" We did it at the car wash...At a picnic table by a the car in numerous locations where ppl ... [snip!] ... where ppl very easily could have spotted's actually very fun lol the thought of gettin caught makes it better haha"

I completely agree. Lol.

user banned 2 kids; Copiague, New York 1881 posts
Nov 10th '12

walmart bathroom (the one's in the back by the layaway dept.), on a public boardwalk at night.. that's pretty much all that I can think of. lol

nothingness Arizona 3578 posts
Nov 10th '12

Middle of the street on top of my car, it was like 5 am so hopefully no one saw lol

Kelly-Ann Louise 1 child; 1 angel baby; Australia 867 posts
Nov 11th '12

Yes, on the beach numerous times.
A public bathroom.
In a paddock.
In a car.
In the swimming pool.
But that was all with exes.
My fiance isnt as adventurous as me.

*Mary Moon* 1 child; New York 3606 posts
Nov 11th '12

In an elevator (that thing was ancient so I was terrified it wouldn't start up again. We were not supposed to even be in it.)
Many a Public bathroom.
Side of the road
Parking lots
At the park
In the woods
On the side of the river
I really like public sex. The thrill of potentially getting caught is hot.

Damien*Dex*Jaidyn's Momma 18 kids; Pennsylvania 1535 posts
Nov 11th '12

outside the mall, many cars, psych ward between 15 minute suicide watch(how my first son was conceived with my husband while he visited)