Ovulation? RysMum Due August 22 (girl); 17 kids; Illinois 214 posts
Nov 9th '12

i took a cheap ovulation test... i got a faint positive that said im ovulating.. would i get a faint if i already ovulated or if im about to ovulate?

:::Fat Momma::: 2 kids; Lacombe, Louisiana 614 posts
Nov 9th '12

Test again tomorrow. The darker the line, the closer ovulation is!

Katie & Clay's Mommy! TTC since Jan 2012; 18 kids; Louisiana 2847 posts
Nov 9th '12

Unless you have the digital one that either says yes or no or the smiley or frowning face then most ovulation tests show the two lines. If positive the test line will be as dark or darker than the control line. If you can post a pic of it.