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Nov 9th '12
Quoting Ole' No Name:" A blanket ? I mean a thick one like the quilt that comes with the crib bedding ? My DD is 10 months ... [snip!] ... during naps and see what they do and she does fine. I just worry since I'll be sleeping and probably wont wake to check on her."

We used receiving blankets until they started to be too small on him, so around 3 1/2-4 months I think? Might have been sooner though, with the fleece material blankets and he loves being wrapped up. I make sure the blanket is snug around his body, his arms are usually free though when I swaddle him or he ends up getting his arms out regardless. He used to kick the blankets off when he was younger since it was too hot enough out that I wasn't that worried about it.

Now I wrap him up snugly in one of his fleece blankets that we use or use one of his big crocheting blankets a family member made for him and I just make sure that its folded down to fit around his body snugly to help give him security and warmth and he loves it. He knows how to uncover his face and knows how to roll if needed too, so I don't worry too much.

Only time I worry is when he decides to cover his face in the mornings with the blanket I drape over his body to help him to warmer at night or his monkey blanket/toy. He thinks its funny. lol

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Nov 9th '12
Quoting Brantley's mama 8-24-12:" i have almost the exact same picture lol"

oh my gosh, so cute!

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Nov 9th '12

My little guy has been sleeping with a blanket since we brought him home. In the hospital one nurse swaddled him in 3 blankets (his temp was low) and he wormed his way out in a matter of minutes. He also kicked alot so if we tucked the blankets in the mattress he just kicked it free. He also wouldn't sleep in a sleep sack, so with his low temp he needed the blanket. He's 9 months no blankie deaths.

So use your own judgement. If you feel like your child is able to push the blanket away from her face if it ends up there then go for it. If you are still worried then use thicker sleepers.

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Nov 10th '12

My lil guy slept in his crib til he was about 2 1/2 mons old and we put a soft blanket tucked under his arms but in the morning when we would go to pick him up he would have the blanket kicked off of him. Now we Co-sleep with him (3mons old) very precautious though and he uses another soft blanket in which he still kicks off him. (some babies dont like blankets)

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Nov 10th '12

The day she was born, for all 3 of my kids.

They have always slept with a blanket. dd is 9 months and wont sleep unless the blanket covers her whole face. lol