Placenta Separation at 16 weeks!! 0.........o Due April 26 (girl); 17 kids; Homestead, Florida 320 posts
Nov 9th '12

I am 16 weeks pregnant. I had gone to the ER room today for cramping and we found out that my placenta had separated to the point that I can loose the baby. Doctors tell me the chance of loosing my baby are high. I wanted to know if they are other mamas who had a placenta separation around this time that was a concern for the doctor and what happen to you/baby. Did you make it far enough? 8 months ago I lost my daughter and I don't want to loose this baby. I want to hear other story and hopefully get some hope.

hobbit* 3 kids; New Zealand 44783 posts
Nov 9th '12

I'm so sorry to hear that I wish you all the best!! Xx

NerfHerder 2 kids; Denver, CO, United States 6255 posts
Nov 9th '12

I'm so sorry momma ):
I wish I had good stories to share.

Laura Ashlee. 2 kids; Gastonia, North Carolina 8 posts
Nov 9th '12

I woke up at 21 Weeks pregnant. Bleeding low & behold the er doctor said my placenta had separated & was attached somewhere different,on my,uterine wall. & not only that but I had a,huge bloodily above my placenta. :/, at this point I was obviously worried about my baby I got an ultrasound there,.. & the,techs wouldn't let me see the screen .. finally I caught a glimpse of my babygirl bouncing away in there.. They told me they were more worried about me than the baby. And if I would have been farther along they would have taken her right then. Everything turned out fine .. She was born 5 Weeks early && weighed 6lbs 6oz ,, && healthy , wish you,the,best