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Derp Camp Lejeune, NC, United States 11615 posts
Nov 10th '12

Maybe I'm just conservative (holy shit, never thought I'd say that) with this but I would be floored if my husband called me a b***h. The whole name-calling thing is just beyond both of us. I would never dream of calling him a name like that. I mean I (we) jokingly say stuff like, "Man, you're acting like a d**k," when we're frustrated (like when we're putting together one of Jameson's toys that has 5982354028342 pieces) or something but we would never straight up say anything like, "You're a f**king a*****e!"

If we get to the point where we're about to start with the name-calling we walk away from one another and cool down before saying anything we'll regret. We don't raise our voices either. I just feel like that is so beyond disrespectful and it never accomplishes anything. Some couples are okay with it and if it works for them then fine but for us it doesn't fly.