almost 3 months PP Brantley+Savannah 2 kids; Mills River, NC, United States 3119 posts
Nov 8th '12

i will be 3 months PP on the 24th and my c-section scar has not hurt for a month, then all of a sudden today it started stinging again like it did when it was healing, is that normal at 3 months pp

Honey&E 6 kids; Connecticut 3752 posts
Nov 8th '12

Yeah c-sections suck.

I had weird sensations down there for about a year.

~Elliott's.Mommy~ TTC since Dec 2015; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Eugene, Oregon 3817 posts
Nov 8th '12

Its been 4 years since my mom had her last baby and it was c-section. And she said that it still bothers her to this day when I told her I was gonna get a c-section. I'm glad I didnt.