Not sure what to do *Brittnee* 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Utah 6907 posts
Nov 8th '12

So my hubby and I have been having problems for a while now. If you read some of my older post you'll know most of what is going on. Last night we had the best night in a long time. No fighting lots of laughing but it didn't last. This morning it was back to the normal shit. Now I sit here and think its time to just call it quits. But then there is the holidays coming up and I don't want all that going on during Christmas. I just don't know what to do.

Alicia Holz 2 kids; Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 603 posts
Nov 8th '12

oh dear i go thru the same thing lots of time its just take it one day at a hubby was diagnoised with bi polar and physchoprainia sorry for the spelling and hes not on meds so its figuring out things that i would say or do to set him off